Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's Red Dawn in America

In the 1984 movie "Red Dawn," the late Patrick Swayze played an American teenager fighting to save his hometown from the invading Soviets. After all in the 1980's the USSR was enemy number one. The Cold War was every American's nightmare, fearing one day we would go to war with the only country at the time that could stand up to the United States. The Cold War ended in 1991, and our world is much different after 9/11. But who should we fear today? Terrorist? China? A new Russia? Iran? No, our greatest fear is not what others can do to us, our greatest fear is what we are doing to ourselves.

Forget a foreign government attaching your local community, our own federal government is already taking over, and the latest battlefield is your local school elementary.

If you are not familiar with the story, be prepared to be shocked. A four-year-old in North Carolina was forced to take a school prepared lunch in addition to the lunch her mom packed for her. Why? Because mom did not pack a vegetable. WHAT? I am sure John Milius wished he could write this kind of material when he wrote the screen play to "Red Dawn."

Scene from the 1984 movie "Red Dawn"

The mom said this was not the first time state inspectors altered her child's lunch. She has even written a note to the girl's teachers, telling them to not give her child any food, other then the food she brings from home. Mom says her four-year-old does not like vegetables, so she does not want her wasting food at school. At home, not that it is any of our business, but mom says she makes her girl eat her vegetables. Wow, a four-year-old does not like to eat vegetables, there is a shocker.

Story gets better. On the day in question, mom packed a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, apple juice and potato chips. WHAT?! Potato chips, oh the humanity. Someone call CPS, she gave her girl potato chips with no vegetables. According to the new health standards for school lunches, passed by
Washington, pizza is considered a vegetable because of the tomato sauce. And get this, french fries are also consider a vegetable, because they are made from potatoes. Wait, what about potato chips?

Best part, on the menu that day in the cafeteria was chicken nuggets, milk and yes a vegetable. The four-year-old was so upset that all she ate was the chicken nuggets. Mission accomplished, our government hard at work.

First of all, if the government wants to provided healthier lunches that is okay. But, NO government has the right to tell parents what they can and cannot pack in their kids lunch, period. What is next, a food inspector standing at the check out line of your local grocery store? "I am sorry you need more vegetables in your grocery cart before I can let you check out."

I have two daughters and both came home this week with a box full of Valentine's Day candy. I checked, there were no vegetables in the boxes.

Come on people, it's time to wake up! This is happening in America! And we are not talking about San Francisco, where last year the city pass legislation banning toys from Happy Meals at McDonald's. We are talking about North Carolina.

If this story does not scare you, make you mad or both, then you are the reason this is happening today. We are all falling asleep, in our on little world, worried about who will win what reality show, while our nation is being taken over.

You can do something. I am not going to tell who to vote for, but this not the time to skip the elections. And I am not just talking about the race for President. We need to be careful who we vote for in Congress and the Senate. We need to choose our Governor wisely, our mayor and yes our school board. It's time we get America back on track. Let's stop making excuses. You don't like politics, I understand, but do you want to live in a country where the government tells you what you can feed your kids?

It's Red Dawn in America, God help us all!



  1. I'm scared and mad! Where do these ideologue types get off inserting themselves into the lives of private citizens and "assisting" or rather subverting their parental rights? This mom contacted her state rep and informed them about it. Some folks say that we shouldn't worry about our government, but it's becoming clear that those who aren't vigilant will suffer the consequences. A wise man once said, "be careful when someone says, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help'".

  2. We are not a free nation anymore. We have sold our freedom for a pot of pottage. We have become addicted to our convienences. Our own little world and our conforts are more important than what our country was founded on, what our military faught and died for.
    I am greived, I weep for our country. Somehow we must turn this country around or we will be another USSR where poverty is rampet and anyone not agreeing w/the govn is suspect and imprisoned. Oh America, my beloved homeland wake up b4 it is too late.